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The new element on the earth for the insurance and banking  industry
by Euristika Software LLC
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Our Story

Launched in April 2021, Ultrilium is our next generation of cloud services and software products. This project arises in response to the great challenge that 2020 brought us, where for all our clients it was very important to keep all their staff working remotely.

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Our Vision

We Are creative a company, with a extraordinary talent to solve problems that other companies struggle and waste time, we contribute with innovative ideas to improve your office environment and employees productivity, committed to excellence and provide our customers with best tools and a ROI five times faster than with any other company..

We Are Determined to continue playing an important role in the industry of insurance and finance as one of the most recognized and talented software developers. Proofs of this recognition are more than 3,000 installations including major insurance companies, premium finance companies, banks and insurance agents/brokers.


We have the intuition to develop our software to be unique, using the latest technology, providing our clients with the best resources available.


Euristika Sofrware LLC does not use third-party application generators, application templates, or look to our competitors' demos to use as examples to develop our software. Instead, we have invested long years in research and development, gaining experience to develop our software.


How it works


Now with Ultrilium our current and many other new customers who were disadvantaged will be able to operate their businesses from anywhere in the world.

We have prepared a server to demonstrate the new technology that will give new life to the premium financing industry, just as we were the first in the 80's to create this software, now we are moving forward with this new generation.


With Ultrilium in a short time your new business will be operating and staff will be able to work from anywhere in the world.

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"The smartest product
in the market"

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